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Diary of a Busy Man – Written with poetic licence by Colin Balls on the occassion of János Eifert’s UK Tour, December 1994. AV News No 113, March-April 1995


AV News No 113, March-April 1995

Diary of a Busy Man   

Written with poetic licence by Colin Balls on the occassion of János Eifert’s UK Tour, December 1994.

Day 1

Arrived Heathrow from Budapest – alone in a strange country with a few words of English. Used Map and instructions faxed by Colin Balls to negotiate London Underground to Euston Station. Caught train for Wigan – quite a few empty seats but all have reserved tickets on them, so spent the journey sat on suitcase. (Have subsequently learned that I could have used any of these seats until someone claims them!)

Arrive Wigan – no reception committee because I took an earlier train than instructed. Used mobile phone to cont.act Colin who says “llO NOT MOVE – stay where you are! I will see you in twenty minutes.” Bit difficult standing on one leg with a phone in my ear for twenty minutes but must not upset the British! Colin and Rhona arrive to take me to their home.

Day 2

Quiet, settling-in day – transfer slides to magazines, check equipment with slider hand control and perform all shows live.

Spend afternoon making up twelveminute introductory Sequence. In the evening, go with Colin to Wilmslow AV Group Meeting – Howard Gregory speaking about A1icrophones. Introduced to audience – nice reception.

Day 3

Driven to Leicester by Colin with Ron Davies. Dreaclful wet weather en route with slow-moving Saturdayshopping traffic; we arrived an hour late, or so I am told – I slept all the way. After watching 3D slides – quite different – I did my first performance. I started by explaining my dance routines and how the philosophy carries across to my Diaporamas – Sequences to you. My interpreter, Paul Jozsa, has just arrived and is interpreting my words – he has never seen a Diaporama but we are getting on very well and along with “front man”, Colin, we manage okay. The prolonged applause is gratifying. Inquest on the way back while eating in “Little Chef’. Arrive Euxton 11.30pm. Borrow white shirt and tie from Colin as I hear he and Ron will be dressed up tomorrow. Ron in white jacket, Colin in black and me in brown.

Day 4

A repeat performance at Wigan Pier. Different interpreters – l~ Ir. Bedo and his daughter this time – very good. I help set up, tying the chandelier back from the screen with surplus speaker lead! Large audience – excellent day.

Day 5

Pay-day – we visit local Bank to get some money, then I buy new shirt and tie. Colin drives me to Blackpool airport. Board “plane” (the Irish call it the flying lunch-box) for Belfast. Met by Mollie McConaghy, who is to act as interpreter (German to English this time) as well as giving me hospitality. Spend time revising introductory Sequence. Show went well.

Day 6

Tour Belfast in sunshine, then head for the mountains of Mourne, but cloud descends. Feel a bit car-sick – just right for an early-evening flight back to Blackpool in that little lunch-box! Galeforce winds, but the plane still manages to make its scheduled stop on the Isle of Man. Interesting flight – and in darkness! Ready for bed.

Day 7

DAY OFF – Leisurely morning, then to CBAV to see how Royale projectors arc made. Borrow Colin’s bicycle to tour Chorley – doesn’t take long – then buy a new jacket. Spend evening doing photosession on Colin’s new rotary projector.

Day 8

Quiet morning, then táken to Wigan station to catch train for Bath. Must change train at “Bristol Temple Mead NOT Bristol Parkway”, says Colin. Met by both George and Doreen Pollock who are my hosts for two nights – relax for evening.

Day 9

Easy and pleasant day with a look at Bath, then evening meal.

Day 10

Meet up with my first interpreter, Paul Jozsa, who Colin has arranged to cover the Shows in Bath and Rayleigh. Afternoon performance in RPS Headquarters. Evening – Paul drives me to London to the home of Bill Jordan – very late to bed.

Day 11

Vert’ early to rise: travel to Rayleigh with Paul. Bill travels separately with a load of chairs for the meeting. We were supposed to be following him, but were talking so much we missed him turning and we nearly went to Southend. Do Show – well received – do encore at front. Back to London and spend evening looking at London’s Christmas lights.

Day 12

Tour London – arrive Heathrow for afternoon flight to Budapest.

Day 13

Start work after relaxing holiday!


Photographs by Murjorie Furmston FRPS

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Fotó 1995/3 március – Szarka Klára: “Tehetséges kezdő” – Eifert János